Create: Mirror Glaze Cake

I have ambitiously labelled this post “Create”, but realistically it’s a step-by-step guide on how I failed to make a Mirror Glaze Cake. I know, I know, it was an optimistic project and having never attempted one before the thought that it might actually work first time was probably a little farfetched, especially as an avid GBBO watcher I knew that it was probs not as easy as the Facebook videos make it out to be.

Although I didn’t get a perfect mirror finish cake worthy of a patisserie, I did get a cake that was glazed in a shiny finish (even if it didn’t want to stick to the sides) and for that reason alone I decided that I would post this, mainly in case anyone out there could tell me what to do for next time or indeed fancied one-upping me.

I’d read a few hints and tips online as to what type of cake gave the best finish. The overriding response was that a mousse cake is the way forwards – you can layer mousse and cake in a silicone mould, freeze it, then pop it out the next day and have a perfectly chilled very smooth layer for pouring your glaze on. I, obviously, decided that that was too much effort and instead made a simple sponge cake with buttercream… probably not my downfall (after much faffing I managed to get the buttercream smooth), but if you were going to give this a solid attempt I would definitely recommend a frozen mousse cake as your base! I froze my buttercream cake for an hour or so before I put the mirror glaze on, but it could have done with a bit longer.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
I mixed a pink and purple glaze together to try and get a marbled effect

The glaze recipe I used was one from The Topless Baker (recipe here), it looked super simple and was endorsed by Lakeland, so foolproof right? Nope. Like I said, I got a glaze that was kind of mirrory but it wouldn’t stick! The final photo has 3 layers on and still looks patchy, so maybe next time I’d pop a bit more gelatine in and let it cool more (I got mine to 32 degrees and got bored…). Anyone who has done one of these and succeeded, please let me know your secrets!

I went for a red and purple colour combo, and to get that shimmery/glittery effect I used some shimmer spray that I sprayed on while the glaze was still running. It looked amazing as I put it on and marbled just like I’d seen in the videos, but unfortunately once my glaze had FINALLY stopped running it had kind of lost the effect and gone a bit splotchy on top, boo.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Shiny shiny! Unfortunately by this point I had to stop taking insta-worthy shots to get the glaze to stick

On the plus side, the glaze (and cake) tasted great, the white chocolate worked well and with a white chocolate mousse cake underneath it you’d be on to a winner! I’d baked this at home (taking full advantage of my mum’s kitchen and cookery ingredients) and my family gave it a solid 7/10 which considering it didn’t look AT ALL like I’d wanted I would say wasn’t too bad of a score.

If this has tempted you into giving a mirror cake a go, please let me know how you get on! Hopefully you’ll be able to give me some tips if I ever decide to risk my sanity and give this another go…


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